Linking Agreement
Linking Agreement

This Agreement (the “Linking Agreement”) is made between [] (“Source Site”) with its homepage URL of [] and CitaPrivada (“Destination Site”) with its homepage URL of

The parties agree as follows: The Link (s) the Source Site will provide a link to the Destination Site as follows:

Advertise and Find Companionship Privately at #DatePrivately

The Link includes Destination Site’s URL and:

Hypertext link–the words

Image link

Video Framed link


Destination Site grants the right to display the Link at the Source Site and the nonexclusive right to display publicly the trademarks or images in the Link. Source Site obtains no trademark rights under this Agreement other than the right to display the marks. Any goodwill associated with the Source Site’s trademarks automatically vests in the Destination Site.

Standards and Notifications

Source Site shall maintain its site in accordance with industry standards and upon notice from Destination Site shall promptly remove the Link if required. Source Site shall promptly notify Destination Site of any change to the Link or changes to the Source Site affecting the Link.

By: CitaPrivada CTO

Name & Last Name:



Source Site:


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