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The Time is Money, Mind Set

Ever since the clock was first synchronized with labor back in the 18th Century, Time has been understood in the relation to Money. Once hours are financially quantified people worries more about wasting, saving or using them profitably. When Economies grow and income rises, everyone's time becomes more valuable. And the more valuable something becomes, the scarier it seems.

In the Modern World, Dating Online is Not So Bad

In the early 1990s the notion of meeting a partner online seemed freakish, and not a little pathetic. Today, in many places, it is normal. Smartphones have put virtual bars in people’s pockets, where singletons can mingle free from the constraints of social or physical geography. Globally, at least 200m people use digital dating services every month. In America, more than a third of marriages now start with an online match-up. The internet is the second-most-popular way for Americans to meet people of the opposite sex and is fast catching up with real-world “friend of a friend”

Cornell University - Study of Modern Romance

Lady's Companion

A lady's companion was a woman of genteel birth who acted as a paid companion. The term was in use in the United Kingdom from at least the 18th century to the mid-20th century. Lady's companions usually took up their occupation because they needed to earn a living.​

Feeling Lonely ?

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine study shows how Yough Adults Percived Social Isolation. Social isolation, is a state in which an individual lacks a sense of social belonging, true engagement with others, and fulfilling relationships, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

Social Media Use and Isolation

Research shows that how people use social media determine its influence on one's sense of isolation.

"If you're passively using it, if you're just scrolling feeds, that's associated with more negative effects," she says. "But if you're using it to reach out and connect to people to facilitate other kinds of [in-person] interactions, it's associated with more positive effects."

That last finding is also corroborated by the Cigna survey across all age groups. Respondents who said they have more in-person social interactions on a daily basis reported being less lonely.

NPR, Inc. report click to read more

Community Marketplaces

Millions of People buy and sell products and services online each month, Popular sites such as : Facebook and Airbnb are an example of how community marketplaces successfully allow it's members to list, discover, and book products and/or accommodations around the world. Today, the community e-marketplace offers you the opportunity to List, Discover and Book Companionship Services Privately.




Online Dating Market Size 2008-2018 and forward projections to 2022

Some online dating sites target specific religious and cultural groups, while others are developed to match a couple with a specific interest. The online dating industry has been growing at an average rate of 3.5% yearly since 2008; These days the paid dating app memberships is on track to reach $2 Billion USD in gross sales annually. In the United States, more than 19,000 couples married between 2005-2012 met on an online dating site and according to Nielsen during 2015, on average 1 of 10 American adults used online dating websites. These expending about 1 hour per day on browsing profiles and searching for others. (as of July 2018 there were over 318 Million Americans and According to, the average revenue per user as of 2018 is $4.70 USD. Click here to Learn More

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